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Best Uber First ride free promo code valid worldwide

Best Uber First ride free promo code valid across world
Best Uber First ride free promo code valid across world provides latest, verified uber promo code for sign up with first free ride worldwide. You will get free ride worth as per your current city only such as $20, £ 15, 3 ride worth Rs 75 each for India etc. Uber mobile app detects device location automatically.

उबेर प्रोमो कोड | अधिकृत, सत्यापित छूट का कूपन | आपकी पहली ट्रिप मुफ़्त है (जानकारी हिंदी भाषा में )

Easy Steps for Sign up to Uber Account with Promo Code
  1. Download the Uber Rider App , available for iphone, android, windows mobile
  2. Enable mobile data and location services in mobile.
  3. Open app and fill basic details, eg Name, Email
  4. Enter mobile number, verify it using OTP(one time password) sent to mobile. Enter promo code if it asks.
  5. Account created, login again , go to payments , click on add Promo/Gift Code (Enter promocode anytime before booking first ride), only one code will be applied.
  6. Promocode / Referral code / Gift Code for ride free ride upon sign up
    Promo Code : uberabhiue
  7. Still have doubts over sign up steps , Read Detailed steps for Uber Account Sign up
After creating your new account you must be existed to win more free rides. Head over to this link to win iPhone 6s, weekend trip or 100+ free rides for you.

You must be wandering with few questions about your ride, fare, login issues or even trying for more free rides , learn everything here and get Free Ride for Existing Users

No Credit Card Required to sign up with Uber India.

Sign up steps in detail for with Uber

1. Download mobile app on iOS, Android or Windows Mobile (Search as UBER).

2. Switch on your location services before sign up. If  location is not detected then start 3G.

3. Fill basic details and move to next page add Payment method available in your country as Cash,  Paypal, BitCoin, Card, airtel money or PayTM wallet(It will create automatically a paytm wallet if not present with your mobile number). Add money if you have less then Rs 500/- cash in PayTM. Read Here: Issues and solutions with PayTM wallet on Uber App

4. Verify if your location and mobile is set correctly otherwise you will loose the free ride after applying promotion.

5. Apply uber promo code to get FREE RIDE of worth $20, £ 15 , 3 ride worth Rs 75 each for India or amount in your local currency as per city under payments menu and payments page. (Enter promocode anytime before booking first ride), only one code will be applied.

Read here : How to know if promocode is applied?

Promocode: uberabhiue

Note: Above uber uber promo code is good to use in all city in world. Uber keep obsoleting/disabling old promo codes, hence if you see invalid promo code error, refresh the page to get new promo code upfront.
How to check available promotions
How to check available promotions

6. Verify in payment menu to see you have received FREE RIDE of worth $20, £ 15, 3 ride worth Rs 75 each for India etc  depending upon city with expiry date. if you don't see wait for few minutes and then apply promocode again. If promocode gets applied for the first time, you will get an error on next time saying, another promocode is applied. If you don't see the error, you may try again.

You can book your ride from  mobile site: Learn how to use uber mobile site here. This link explains about the mobile site link and activation process for login there.

Uber sign up process is same across world, but it may differ for payments as per country/city rules, such as Cash payments is available in limited countries only, (Cash payment is available for all Indian city). Paypal, paytm, airtel money, credit card, debit card and other payments are available as per city rule.

Uber is not available in China any more, uber merged its service and other effort for 20% stake in Didi taxi services. Only time will tell its good for Uber or not but certainly Uber can focus in other cities now , for better.

Looking for Discount Codes - Uber Discounts for Existing Users
After signing up , the first thing, new customers look for is more discounts. Read on this blog to know more about all discounts provided by uber. Uber provides discount as per city, it means most of the discount codes will be applicable only in certain city limits.  Search by CITY name above for discount codes in the top navigation bar.

Know more about UBER to enjoy it better -  Know more about UBER here by reading them in detail, about do's, don'ts , protips, rating improvement, discounts etc.

Verify First Free Ride  Make sure your first free ride referral code is applied correctly and verify you can see it in your app. Don't know how to check,  the link is already given above , here its once again, verify applied promocode and free ride in account here. Check your ride worth as well, this way you will be sure how much discount you will get on your next ride.

How to Explain to driver that is your first free ride?
This is very common confusion, while booking first ride.  Here you should not worry about it, the drivers will get notification at the end of trip about how much money will be collected from rider after the trip, if you have free ride in account and you ride charge is less then that then no money will show up on drivers mobile app, other wise you have to pay only surplus charge.

How to check if referral code is valid?
Sometime uber block your account to get more rides as referral, they may enable it again depending upon your condition and explanation.
How to check Uber Referral Code Validity

Reasons to get your account blocked and what you can do after it?
Things to do to unlock disabled uber account

If you  are new to uber, here are simple steps to book your first uber ride
How to Book first Uber Ride via app

If you are using uber for long time still there are chances you don't know these tips
Uber ProTip for Pro Riders 5 Star Riders be uberVIP

You can book you ride without uber app or even without mobile
How to book rides without mobile phone or Uber app

You can avoid bad uber drivers as well, here is the trick
Trick to avoid Bad Uber Drivers in future rides
7 simple user hacks to make it a comfortable ride
Daily Uber Hacks

Want to same more on your each uber ride, read this about split fare
Save ride fare via split fare tool

Cancellation fee: How to get cancellation fee back if its not your fault?

Helpful tips for Riding with Uber

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