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Hyderabad, Meet the cast of Srimanthudu, Superstar Mahesh Babu & the Gorgeous Shruti Hassan

Big fan of the movies? Are you someone who’ll go that extra mile to meet your favourite movie star? If yes, then you’re in luck! Uber Hyderabad is giving you a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet the heartthrobs of Srimanthudu, Superstar Mahesh Babu & the Gorgeous Shruti Hassan.

This Friday, 31st July, fire up the Uber app between 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM, request the ‘SRIMANTHUDU’ option in-app and you’ll be whisked away to a secret location to meet the stars in person!

The best part? All this, for the glorious sum of ₹0.


When: Friday, July 31 11:30 AM – 1:30 PMSlide to ‘SRIMANTHUDU’ in your Uber appHit “Request SRIMANTHUDU“If your request is successful you will get picked up and driven to meet Mahesh & ShrutiThere are 15 spots up for grabs. Demand will be off the charts so you may have to try a few times before you get lucky
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How to get Uber First Login Promo Code for Free Ride

If you are looking for Uber India promo code, then your are at correct location. You may have used these below search queries but the answer is same in all situation.

Uber first free promo Code
Uber First Login Promo Code
Uber First Ride Promo Code
How to Use Uber Promo Code Your target to get Uber promo code for first ride is here.

Already registered with Uber, Register Ola here and get Rs 100 in Ola Money

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Uber India improves Public Transit in all 18 cities

Uber is available in 18 Indian cities. Uber becomes strong alternative where public transit is not available. People are using Uber to reach on Railway stations, metro stations in cities. Read here Uber Chennai transit details. and Mumbai story so for with Uber data .

IMPROVING EFFICIENCIES Uber is committed to optimize time and money spent by customers. Through data analytic, uber zeroed in on action points. The team hustled to splice data, map demand, grow supply, train partners and deploy technology solutions to enable a reliable ride, minutes away.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick On Uber as a service:  Uber is efficiency with elegance on top. That’s why I buy an iPhone instead of an average cell phone, why I go to a nice restaurant and pay a little bit more. It’s for the experience.Do you agree with him?

Listen Travis Kalanick on a developer conference techweek

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You cannot outsmart Uber, It knows almost everything about you and your Device

I used to see comments on facebook, google plus, twitter about accounts getting banned, disabled, barred from booking a ride. Everyone seems complaining about Uber for blocking account. Its true that Uber sweeps all accounts time to time for security and flags some accounts for blocking. Most of the cases are correct where some are not.
People create multiple accounts to get free rides or free credits and enjoy. Here Uber is spending $200 million on marketing in india via free rides, so Uber is making sure it reaches to new users most of the time not fake accounts. 
If you don't want to use Uber account smoothly then follow some rule..
Create one and only account for yourself using your mobile number.Add only one paytm account, once and final, don't try to change. Yet you may change, steps are here.Login one and only your account in your device.Different account, must use different device, eg. Your wife should use her device to login.Don't refer hundreds of people at once,…

Uber mobilizes customers to channel its message to authorities

Uber haven't used any of the tactics in India officially, except Drivers in Delhi protested against ban in NCR region.  Uber is not shy about marshaling those constituencies to lobby public officials who have threatened moves that would hurt Uber's business.

Uber operates in 18 cities in India and more then 300 cities worldwide. Uber faces all , support and hate, welcome and ban. Uber is building its biggest facility in Hyderabad with the help of Telangana Govt outside US. Uber gets Delhi HC relief in capital region. Uber keeps expanding all over the world each week. Still there are many events when it faced ban, hate and challenging time in several parts of the world. Here's a rundown of the digital protest campaigns Uber has set in motion:

July 2015
Uber takes a swipe at New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio by adding a "De Blasio's Uber" feature to its app. The app shows long wait times or no Uber rides. Customers are redirected to a petition opposing a cap p…

Uber wins a war in New York against System with Peoples help

People has tremendous power and some are using it after getting elected by them. Recently we have few events where people have shown their strengths via internet and changed the course of action.

Net Neutrality
Some teclos(like Airtel) and big brands(Like Flipkart) tried to curb same speed internet in India on purpose. Its all over the internet for some time. Some good people came against it and asked for help from common people to stop the preference for some services over internet usage.
People needed to send a pre drafted mail to TRAI and telecom ministry to act against it. Enormous amount of people replied and govt has to take action and review the current offering by teclos. is such a place where you can create such campaign and ask for help from common people, if sufficient number of people replied in favor then you will make it happen.

Stop Parliament canteen subsidy: This campaign is about to stop the parliament canteen subsidy. Prime minister will take action if 150k…

12 Most wanted Uber features Riders are waiting worldwide

This is a compilation post from Quora and other sources for most wanted Uber features. I hope you like these features as well, I f I missed some of the features please comment to to let me know.

Real time fare during ride
Some times I use free ride to go somewhere and it have some limited credit in it,  show me the current fare in real time during a ride so I can end one trip within budget and start another if needed. Its sheer optimization of free ride you get after referral.

Don't ask for location service always (I know where I am, most of the time.)
Do not intentionally break the app when location services are turned  off. I keep location turned off by default, and usually know where I am.  I can find it on a map faster than turning on location and waiting for  it to initialize (and this may not even work well underground or in a  moving train, or worse, a moving train underground).

Let me choose destination on map
Let  me specify my destination (for the fare quote or for actual …

12 Uber India ProTip to Use UBER efficiently

When it comes to ensuring a high-quality experience for both riders and drivers, we’re always shooting for the stars – 5 to be exact!

Uber take your feedback seriously and so do driver-partners. It helps them ensure awesome Uber experiences for future riders. But a trip with Uber should be a good experience for everyone. That’s why drivers have the opportunity to rate riders using the same 5 star scale.

We’ve put together some great rider tips so you can ride like a pro – with a 5 star rating to match!

Start with: How to know, if promocode is applied correctly

#UberProTip: Put your trip on autopilot by entering your destination in the app.
#UberProTip - Enter you "Favorite Places" for more hassle-free pickups & faster trips!
Confusion with your pickup spot? Tap the “Up Arrow” icon and select Contact Driver to call or text. #UberProTip
Pro tip: Double-check your pick-up location on the map in the Uber app before hitting the Request button. #uberprotip
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How to know, if you have already applied promocode

I see many visitors comes to this blog to know if their promo code is applied to their account, or when their promo code will be applied to ride, should they apply their promo code before booking a ride or while booking a ride, I am trying to explain about all these thing in this post, read it carefully or again, Keep this page handy by bookmarking(Ctrl + D) it or sharing on your social media like facebook page.

Q. How to verify , if promocode is applied?
A. Its easy to check, just apply it again and you will see message like "Promo code is already applied".

Q. When to apply first promo code which is new user promo code?
A. Apply new user promo code asap, you create new account. It will be applied to your account till next 3 months.
You can book your ride and this promo code will be applied automatically.
After finishing your ride you will get an Uber receipt mentioning the details of the Uber promo code amount and final balance deducted by Paytm/cash/card if any.

Q. When your…

Book your ride for inter city travel between Mumbai Pune with Cost Analysis

Uber is making your travel between Mumbai and Pune easy by introducing UberINTERCITY service, where you can book your intercity ride within app. Option will be available in Mumbai and Pune coverage area. Upon your request a UberX will arrive at your doorstep and you can reach to another city in style with flat rate of Rs 2799/- only.

Here is what Uber blog says..


Open the Uber app anywhere in the Pune pick-up coverage areasToggle to the uberINTERCITY optionSelect uberX for an economical rideRequest a ride, and be on your way to Mumbai in no time!Send Status and SOS Button  are also featured in uberINTERCITY in keeping with Uber’s commitment to safety

uberINTERCITY on uberX is at a flat rate of just ₹ 2,799 inclusive of tolls and service tax.

Get picked up from your doorstep and get dropped in style! Enjoy the Uber comfort and comvenience that you are used to, now across cities.  And if you are a group of friends, use our fare split fea…

Uber Signup on Desktop or Laptop without Mobile or Credit Card

Hi Guys,         Uber has added Paytm option to its desktop sign up site (Click on Sign up here) or mobile site as well, just you have to select the country (India +91) properly to appear paytm option.         Uber will set you up with Paytm Wallet using the phone number and email you have above. If you have an existing wallet, Uber will connect with it using OTP method.         OTP method: Uber/paytm will you send you an one time password on your mobile/email which must be entered to your uber app in order to authenticate paytm in with uber. How to get promocode for uber signup? (Read here: How to know if promocode is applied?)         You will need to enter promocode in order to get 1 free ride from your referrer. If nobody referred you, Uber Account sign up with Latest Promo Code.
Update(July 16th 2015):           Uber has updated its payment system and brought back the credit card option in recent upgrade in android app and desktop login page. Earlier Uber used to show(refer above…

Jain Indorie Namkeens @13 Dhaba Hyderabad

Do you miss Indori Namkeens?

Dont worry.. 13Dhaba is there for you...

Please visit 13Dhaba Madhapur and Gachibowli  to get your each worth Rs 45/- each from 16th July 2015

We will provide these Indori tastiest Namkeens in 13Dhaba in both Branches @Madhapur @Gachibowli

Types of Namkeen Available @ 13 DHABA Tera Dhaba

1. Ratlami Sev
2. Lehsun Sev
3. Khatta Meetha Mixture
4. Corn Mixture
5. Gujrati Mixture
6. Chana Dal
7. Tastie (Spicy Groundnut)

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Test Drive Merc in Bangalore this Sunday for Rs 0/-

Ever dreamed of driving a MERC. Mercedes-Benz is a German automobile manufacturer, a multinational division of the German manufacturer Daimler AG. The brand is used for luxury automobiles, buses, coaches, and trucks.
         Uber love machines and have a special affinity for the exciting and irresistible ones. Uber has partnered with Akshaya Motors to bring their thrilling rides to the streets of Bangalore. Experience the breath taking design, elegance and prepare to be wowed by the technology of the new generation Mercedes-Benz!

Tomorrow, July 12 from 12-4 PM, all you need to do is tap a button and you could be cruisin’ in style. The best part – you can can test drive these cars yourself!  If you are not in Bangalore, refer this offer to your friends. Its totally free. Enjoy the ride.

Still not on uber: Sign up and get 1 free ride worth Rs 600/-
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Uber Kolkata is hiring for Uber Partner Support Representatives Walk in on 11th and 12th July

Uber Kolkata is hiring!!!

Looking for a job? Make a career at Uber and get experience like no other. Impact the lives of thousands of driver partners in your city.

Candidates will be hired for contract position as a Partner Support Representative to help make travel in your city Safer, Faster and Easier.

Read the details in the image.
Day: 11th & 12 July 2015(this weekend)
Time: 10AM to 4PM
Uber Kolkata office address Regus, Gr floor, 25 A Shakespeare Sarani,
Opp The Next Level

Uber is hiring aggressively in India and planning to build its own full fledged campus with $50 million investment in Hyderabad. Uber recently expanded in 7 cities and planning to cover around 50 cities by year end.
Reply to below tweet to get surprise gift from Uber Kolkata Identify the areas where you see the Uber tagline (pic below) & win exciting prizes. #UberCityLove in your answer — Uber Kolkata (@Uber_Kolkata) July 10, 2015 Still not on uber: Sign up and ge…

Uber India Plans for $50 Million Office New Jobs in Hyderabad an IT Hub

Uber is showing its interest and commitment in India by planning to build a world class office one of the biggest outside US. It draws $50m to build a new office india.

           Uber recently expanded its presence in India by 7 new cities. Now uber serves in total 18 cities. Uber is expanding its business by 40% month over month basis which is huge.

           Online taxi-hailing company Uber has committed $50 million (Rs 317 crore) over 5 years for a center it is establishing in Hyderabad to train its drivers and customer support staff.

We are proud to announce our partnership with @MinIT_Telangana towards a shared vision of empowerment and innovation. — Uber India (@Uber_India) July 6, 2015            Under a memorandum of understanding it signed with the Telangana government, Uber plans to hire about 500 people to this facility in the next 5 years. Its India customer support team already operates out of Hyderabad.

           Uber will also collaborate wit…

A Special Uber Screening of Terminator Just For You By Uber Chennai

Uber Chennai is bringing you a Movie screening , where movie is probably 'Terminator' starring Arnold. More details will come soon like venue and timing.

Theater : Satyam Cinema SPI Cinemas
Movie : Terminator
More details at uber chennai page

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Uber promo code Bhubaneswar Coimbatore and Indore existing users

Today, the company announced that it is expanding to seven new Indian cities that include the likes of Bhubaneswar, Coimbatore, and Indore, among others.

We’re thrilled to launch Uber in these 7 new cities, marking the start of the next chapter in our journey in India. The rapid 40 percent MoM growth we continue to see in India is unprecedented and it is not surprising that some of the fastest growing cities in the world are also here. -- Uber’s Neeraj Singhal

“Our data already shows that residents and visitors in each of these new cities have been eagerly waiting for Uber for some time now and we expect to see a similar response here. Our focus on continuously leading the way on safety and creating thousands of new entrepreneurs will drive our growth ahead!” he added.

The new cities to get Uber services include Bhubaneswar, Coimbatore, Indore, Mysore, Nagpur, Surat and Visakhapatnam. The company says that this is the largest number of new international cities Uber has ever launched …

Economical and Efficient Self Drive Car Rental in India - zoomcar

Gone are days when you used to rent a car with driver and waste one extra seat to driver and pay daily allowance as well. Its time to take the seat back, self drive, save allowance and enjoy your ride.
         Zoom cars(wikipedia link) comes with all India permit, full insurance, full tax paid and plenty of fuel included in basic charge as well.  They have almost all the cars from economical to luxury, figo to A-Class Merc, everything they have on your request.

         There are plenty of reviews available online, just some salient features are below.

Zoomcar is available in Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Chennai. This is a bangalore based startup for self drive cars. They provide economical and hassle free cars for your driving pleasure.Zoomcar is offersing sign up bonus of Rs 500/- (sign up using referral link).Zoom car is offering 30% discount on first ride booking upto Rs 3000/- discount which is huge.Zoom car runs other offers time to time for more offer…

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How to Re-authorize or unlink paytm with Uber India App

Having and active Uber and Paytm account is good, but if something goes wrong from either Uber or paytm side, you the customer suffers a lot. You can't book your ride back home, you can't book ride to airport, railway station. It becomes annoying to have such messy technical app. We cannot predict what may happen in future but we may be ready with some preparation.

Uber does all account sweep for security measures from time to time, if it finds any suspicion, it blocks account, put hold on booking a ride, asks for re-verification of ID or payment method. Recently Paytm was hacked and some hacker were able to make payment in paytm from some other account, hance Uber took security measure and put hold on some accounts.

The above image shows Merchants Authorized by you (Screenshot updated), where you can see Uber if you have already added paytm with uber.
How to Re-authorize or unlink paytm with Uber India AppLogin to paytm account on website or register paytmNavigate to Mercha…

How can you regain access of your Uber account once it's disabled?

Update: Banned account is a pain, I have many friends who got locked out form Uber due to suspicious activity, some got their account enabled again after some conversation with Uber support and mostly are banned for life. Here is one scenario when you account may get banned. Read this story till end to get the idea.

Q. How can you regain access of your Uber account once it's disabled?

Recently uber had this scheme of "refer someone, that refferal gets 600 credits and you get 600 when he makes his/her first ride".

I made many people join , though all refferals were real and accounts were created with their permission and presence but all accounts were created from my phone .

I earned many credits. But soon my account was closed down.
Now whenever I try logging in from any acount in my phone  it gets banned within few minutes.

Is there any solution or any hack to avoid this and get my acount back ? I still have 5k credits left in my account and I desperately want it.


Best Uber First ride free promo code valid worldwide provides latest, verified uber promo code for sign up with first free ride worldwide. You will get free ride worth as per your current city only such as $20, £ 15, 3 ride worth Rs 75 each for India etc. Uber mobile app detects device location automatically.

उबेर प्रोमो कोड | अधिकृत, सत्यापित छूट का कूपन | आपकी पहली ट्रिप मुफ़्त है (जानकारी हिंदी भाषा में )