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How to check validity of a Uber referral code

Jio Money Cash-Free Payment Method is Arriving to Uber

Uber brings paytm alternative to reduce dependability on Paytm and increase userbase with Jio customers. Jio has fastest growth in users which Uber wants to tap. Many existing users will get new payment method . Jio is new to market so hoping they will have plenty of cashback offers when you make online payments such as mobile bill payment, recharge, power bill payment, etc.

How much I will earn by attaching my car with UBER or OLA

This is very common question now a days in India. Some of the Quora posts hints that OLA/UBER drivers are earning in lakhs per month which is not the case now.

Competition is getting tougher, 100's of new drivers are joining the platform. Now they don't get enough rides sometimes only then UBER/OLA pay them minimum amount for the day.(Already decided amount based upon business).

Contact Uber for Issues by Direct Contact Form
Stop looking for uber customer care number, email id by city wise, use this contact form to reach Uber support in no time. As Uber is expanding in India, riders issues are also expanding.

Are you facing trouble with Uber related to cab, payment, free ride, unavailability or any issue which you might think Uber must take a look, can be approached here with details. Paytm related issues can be solved here.

Uber provides a contact form, for existing users, so you must login to see this contact form. Its very simple to reach Uber support. This form helps you to reach correct city support venue in no time.

Direct form link to uber support
Uber Support via Contact Form In my experience, Uber has dramatically decreased their response time these days and I often receive responses within 1-2 hours and sometimes even sooner.  Now, the responses aren’t always the best but here are some tips for dealing with Uber CS:

One question at a time: I honestly think they have a policy o…

How to Get free Uber ride using American Express

Uber is promoting its smooth airport pickup steps to its existing users and new users by giving free rides. Uber is helping Amex as well by sending new users to get new amex card. Uber faced several hurdles in past for airport rides, many airports denied uber entry in its premises. Other taxi operators protested against uber pickup and drop, how ever Uber came out of all the hurdles and not ready to accept pickups from selected airports.

Uber उबेर प्रोमो कोड | अधिकृत, सत्यापित छूट का कूपन | आपकी पहली 3 ट्रिप मुफ़्त है

आपकी पहली ट्रिप के लिए हमारे वाले से बेहतर कोई प्रोमो कोड ऑनलाइन मौजूद नहीं है. हमारे कोड से आपको ३ मुफ़्त ट्रिप  मिलेगी जो अगले ३ महीने तक वैध होगी , आप कभी भी अपनी राइड बुक कर सकेंगे. उबेर सेवा देश के सभी बड़े शहरो में उपलब्ध है , हाल ही में यह सेवा लखनऊ में शुरू की गयी है।  जल्द ही यह प्रदेश के अन्य शहरो में भी उपलब्ध जाएगी।

हिंदी भाषी शहरो में  देल्ही , चंडीगढ़ , नागपुर , भोपाल , इंदौर, जयपुर, अजमेर, उदयपुर, जोधपुर आदि में उपलब्ध है. एक बार अकाउंट बनाके आप इसका उपयोग किसी भी शहर में यातायात के लिए कर सकते है।  
एक सफ़र हमारे साथ करें आपकी पहली ३ ट्रिप मुफ़्त है सफ़र करने के लिए साइन-अप करें , नया अकाउंट बनायें ।
डाउनलोड उबेर एप्लीकेशन, यह एंड्राइड iphone और विंडोज के लिए उपलब्ध है । मोबाइल में डाटा और लोकेशन चालू करे एप्लीकेशन खोले और अकाउंट रजिस्टर करने लिए जरूरी जानकारी भरे । जैसे नाम,ईमेल इत्यादि मोबाइल नंबर दे , आपके मोबाइल से ओटीपी एप्प में डाले , सही ओटीपी डालने से आपका अकाउंट सक्रिय जायेगा । अब आपका अकाउंट है , अब एप्प पुनः खोल के प्रॉमोशन्स में जा के प्रोमो कोड (नीचे दिए…

उबेर अप्प में पेटीएम खाते को पुनः अधिकृत या अनलिंक कैसे करें

प्यारे उबेर सवारी  , आज से मैं लगभग सारे पोस्ट को हिंदी भाषा में लिखने का प्रयास करूँगा।  उबेर एप्प और पेटीएम खाते बहुत ही लाभदायक हैं परन्तु जब उनमे कोई विघ्न आ जाता है तो मन नहुत खिन्न हो जाता है. चाहे ये पेटीएम की तरफ से आये हो या उबेर की तरफ से , नुकसान तो हमारा ही हैं।  हम एयरपोर्ट के लिए सवारी बुक नहीं कर पाते या फिर रेलवे स्टेशन के लिए सवारी बुक नहीं कर पाते। हम इन विध्नो का पुनः अनुमान तो नहीं लगा अकते परन्तु तैयारी अवस्य कर सकते हैं।  
उबेर अप्प  में पेटीएम  खाते  को पुनः अधिकृत या अनलिंक कैसे करें  पेटम खाते में लॉगिन करे या पेटीएम खाता खोलें पृष्ठ पर जाए : आपके द्वारा अधिकृत मर्चेंटचित्र से देखकर Remove बटन दबाए अब उबेर एप्प खोले और पेटीएम खाते तो पुनः अधिकृत करें 
Still not on uber: Sign up and get 1 free ride worth Rs 600/-

Plan your travel with Google Trips and Uber Ride Scheduling

Google Trips
Are you a traveller but keep forgetting things about your itinerary like hotel location, flight tickets, places to visits. Now you don't need tot care about these much but enjoy your travel. Gmail/inbox was already collecting related information at one place for you , Google trips is the separate app for same initiative with a lot more features.

Rise of Uber and OLA via infographic

India is popular for many alternatives for same thing be public transport, airlines, private bus operators etc. You will get  many options everywhere. Before Uber and OLA there were many taxi operators which evolved from normal operators to mobile based operators where just dial helped them to get more customers.

Uber Car Services Reviews to be Everyone's Private Driver

Uber Everyone's Private Driver has become synonymous to owning a car without hassle. Uber brings a car for you on the click of a button. Uber is available around the globe (400+ cities worldwide). Uber is cheap, uber is trackable, uber is shareable, uber is cashless , uber is safe and a lot more features which makes life simple for new and existing customers.

Uber has one of the best app on android play store and Apple app store. It gets frequent updates for new features and UX improvements as well as security patches. Uber has multiple payment options according to local rules and availability.

This post is about reviews from one time to frequent riders all over the globe. Some reviews are listed here and more reviews cab be found via given link..

Reviews from

I am using this cab service from last 5 months on a weekly basis or you can say that 3 to 4 times in a week and it never disappoints me, everytime when I am book it takes only 10 to 15 mins to reach and the dri…

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Best Uber First ride free promo code valid worldwide provides latest, verified uber promo code for sign up with first free ride worldwide. You will get free ride worth as per your current city only such as $20, £ 15, 3 ride worth Rs 75 each for India etc. Uber mobile app detects device location automatically.

उबेर प्रोमो कोड | अधिकृत, सत्यापित छूट का कूपन | आपकी पहली ट्रिप मुफ़्त है (जानकारी हिंदी भाषा में )

How can you regain access of your Uber account once it's disabled?

Update: Banned account is a pain, I have many friends who got locked out form Uber due to suspicious activity, some got their account enabled again after some conversation with Uber support and mostly are banned for life. Here is one scenario when you account may get banned. Read this story till end to get the idea.

Q. How can you regain access of your Uber account once it's disabled?

Recently uber had this scheme of "refer someone, that refferal gets 600 credits and you get 600 when he makes his/her first ride".

I made many people join , though all refferals were real and accounts were created with their permission and presence but all accounts were created from my phone .

I earned many credits. But soon my account was closed down.
Now whenever I try logging in from any acount in my phone  it gets banned within few minutes.

Is there any solution or any hack to avoid this and get my acount back ? I still have 5k credits left in my account and I desperately want it.