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Bring your business to next level with Uber India Event Partnership

Uber India love being a part of the action in India. From galas, to festivals, to concerts, Uber india is always looking to offer rides to events and add a touch of magic to your special gathering. If you’re planning an event where guests will indulge in a beverage or two, your venue is in a less-than-convenient location or parking space might be a concern, Uber cabs can help your attendees arrive safely, in-style and absolutely free!
Have an event in one of our active Indian cities?
Ahmedabad, Chandigarh tri city, Chennai, New Delhi Region (NCR), Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Kochi Uber India want to partner with you! For free of cost , even with free rides to your guests/customers.
CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED HOW IT WORKS: Get in touch: After filling out our Indian Event Partnerships Form, one of uber's marketing managers will be in touch to hook up your event with a personalized code for a free first rideGet the details: Along with your customized code, Uber India provide a c…

UberBLACK : Fare increased in Bangalore

Uber Bangalore will continue to be the most affordable ride in Bangalore even after an increase in UberBLACK prices. The increase in price will ensure even better quality and reliability of UberBLACK while allowing for fair earnings for our partner drivers. As always, when you’re looking for a low cost option, uberGO is available at Rs. 7/KM.
For a limited time only, for every friend you refer that takes a ride, you will get a free ride worth ₹600. Paytm registration is optional now a days to take a ride as Uber Hyderabad has started testing Cash payment system, soon in will be implemented in other cities where Uber operates like Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Kochi, Kolkata, Delhi, Jaipur, Chandigarh.
Still not on uber: Sign up and get 1 free ride worth Rs 600/-

7 Uber Hacks You Should Be Using

1. Schedule your Uber
I've heard from 2 separate Uber drivers that they're coordinated with clients to drive the same morning commute every day. If you regularly take the same Uber route and have established rapport with your driver, get their phone number so you can schedule them at a mutually convenient time. This works best if it's extremely convenient for your driver (e.g. you live near your driver and can start your morning together every day). If you actually get this to work, cherish your new friendship!
2. Get Free Uber Credit by Referring your Friends
Invest some effort to get people around you to sign up for Uber, and you'll get a free ride (usually Rs300-Rs600). I've had success with this by just sending over my referral link over my college group. This is getting harder and harder as Uber gets more established.
3. Avoid Bad Uber Drivers
If you have encounter an Uber Driver that you never want to ride with again, then rate them 3 or fewer stars, and you wi…

Uber Jaipur gives beverages, meals and desserts to Uber riders for free

This post is about hungry people, share your hunger with your buddies, bring them all for party and fun in Uber using split fare to save more.
Riding Uber Jaipur has never been more rewarding. Uber have partnered with some of the top Bars, Restaurants and Cafés in Jaipur to give out beverages, meals and desserts to Uber riders for free.  You read it right, for FREE!
From May 25, 2015 to May 31, 2015 walk into Jaipur’s favourite hangouts, flash your Uber receipt of the day, hang out with friends, watch the games and avail irresistible offers.

How to find Uber India Promocode

You may be wondering what else keyword combination to use to search over Google to get better or relevant results. Here is the list of words combination users try on Google Search to find this blog. You can use them as you like and get better result. You may post better results in comments, It will help other customers and if needed I will include them in this blog post as well. Important Links for "How to Do" how to add money in paytm wallet free : There is no option at least now to add money to paytm without paying to paytm. You can add money to Paytm account via its website, its mobile app or at the uber app / payment section, click on paytm and add money page will to add paytm account to uberhow to add paytm wallet in uberhow to add paytm wallet in uber apphow to add paytm wallet to uber: You will be asked to add paytm while sign up in Uber India location. If not , enable 3G of your phone or select indian country code in phone number section while sign up on we…

How to Use Uber like Pro in India with Safety

In India, more people than ever are using Uber to get where they need to go. Check out the Uber Pro Tips below to learn how to move around the city like an expert and ensure your rider experience is 5 stars from start to finish. REQUESTING A RIDE FOR SOMEONE ELSE To request a ride for someone other than yourself, set the pickup location to their current location.Be sure to give your driver a call once your request has been accepted to describe who they’ll be picking up.Please note that at this time it's not possible to request more than one ride from a single account.
SAFETY Our highest priority is connecting riders to the safest, most reliable ride on the road. Our technology is designed to bring accountability and transparency to every ride so you can always feel safe taking an Uber.
Follow these tips to ensure a 5-Star Uber experience:  Confirm you’re getting in the right Uber. Double check the license plate number matches the car’s plate and photo matches the driver. Confirm you…

50% Off on two rides each day in Uber Kochi this weekend

For this weekend ONLY(Between 15 May to 17 May), Uber is giving you HALF-OFF on Uber rides to ANYWHERE in Kochi! Use the promo code HALFOFFKOCHI to beat the heat during the day with a comfortable Uber ride in an AC sedan for as low as Rs 3.5/KM. How to use:
Download/open Uber app.Register if not already done. and get one free ride.In promotions option use coupon HALFOFFKOCHIEnjoy the rides in half rate.

Now imagine that at 50% OFF. With fares as low as ₹3.5/KM this weekend, do you REALLY need another reason to Uber? Still not on uber: Sign up and get 1 free ride worth Rs 300/-

Uber Chandigarh 2 free rides arrived for this weekend for existing customers as well

Uber Chandigarh brings you two free rides this weekend. Read fine print before taking a ride. If you are coming from far use UberGO to utilize it at max. You can go around 25km in uberGo.
Promocode : UBERSUKHNAFINE PRINT: 1. Trips must begin or end at Sukhna lake 2. Max No. of Rides: 2 3. Max Discount Rs. 200 per trip 4.Valid till 11:59pm Sunday 17th May 2015
Still not on uber: Sign up and get 1 free ride worth Rs 300/-

2 free rides this weekend in Ahmedabad to go to Kankariya Lake [Promocode]

Uber is giving 2 free rides to all ahmdabad, if you are willing to visit Kankariya Lake this week. Its right time to go there for free.
Promocode : UBERAHMKANKARIA This promocode can be used by all new and existing customers.
FINE PRINT: 1. Trips must begin or end at Kankaria lake 2. Max No. of Rides: 2 3. Max Discount Rs. 200 per trip 4.Valid till 11:59pm Sunday 17th May 2015
Still not on uber: Sign up and get 1 free ride worth Rs 300/-

Govt Bans Uber and Ola website in Delhi but they still operating

An Uber executive said,  This has been going on. We know that the ministry of IT had been asked to block the site, but we are not aware of this Delhi ban. According to rough industry estimates, there are 19 radio taxi operators in the country, including Mega Cabs, Easy Cabs, Meru Cabs, and Tab Cabs. These operators run about 25,000 cabs across the country.
All the can aggregation companies are trying to capture market share so hard that they are running down each other. Be it customer or drivers, they are giving many discounts, signup bonus and other perks to get on board.
Uber Sign up Bonus Ride for New Customers
Ola Sign up Bonus for new customers
Not Happening * DoT asks all internet service providers to block the websites of these firms in Delhi * Says if ISPs fail to block the sites, action will be taken against them under Section 12 of the IT Act

New covered by various sites , few are here.

Ola, Uber & co go off Delhi roads
India asks Internet service providers to block Uber web…

50% Off in Jaipur for rides to and from JPR railway station bus-stand and airport

Uber announced 50% off on rides to/from Jaipur Railway station, Bus Stand and Airport. No Promo codes are required to avail this discount. Just keep riding.

Offer : 50% off on rides
City : Jaipur
Validity : It began today morning 6 AM, no info on ending time.

Still not on uber: Sign up and get 1 free ride worth Rs 300/-

How to Save upto 83.33% with Split fare to divide Uber ride expense with your travel buddy

It looks odd while asking for trip expense share from your friend, and you leave it till the next trip assuming your buddy will book it for you  but who remember it for long. It becomes kinda bad debt which may never be recovered. It keeps happening all the time with most of the friends over and over again. It has to stop somewhere.

Uber brings split fare feature in app, you just need to add your friend and uber will do the math and charge you after dividing the trip expense in all the riders. This way you can save 75% money while travelling with 3 friends in uberx(available in all cities in india), or even more 83.33% money while travelling with 5 friends in uberSUV(available in hyderabad, delhi, bangaluru,mumbai etc).

Still you find it confusing not sure how to use it..follow the step once you book a ride.

Uber free ride cannot be splitted using this feature. But rest of the bill will be splitted as usual. Eg , You have free ride worth Rs 250/- and your bill comes Rs 300/- then Rs …

50 things you should know before taking ride with uber

Uber is all good, bad, better, innovative, out of the box etc. This post will point you in some direction if you want to know more about uber before taking a ride.

According to Wikipedia: The Uber app allows consumers to submit a trip request, which is routed to crowd-sourced taxi drivers. As of March 26, 2015, the service was available in 55 countries and more than 200 cities worldwide.[3] Since Uber's launch, several other companies have emulated its business model, a trend that has come to be referred to as "Uberification".

Five of the Stupidest Things Uber Has Ever Done

Uber continues to make poor decisions in its response to increasingly grotesque actions by its executives. Despite being valued at $40 billion, the San Francisco-based car service company frequently angers people with buffoon-like statements in response to constant public scorn.

Nearly universally disliked—yet seemingly still used …

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How to Re-authorize or unlink paytm with Uber India App

Having and active Uber and Paytm account is good, but if something goes wrong from either Uber or paytm side, you the customer suffers a lot. You can't book your ride back home, you can't book ride to airport, railway station. It becomes annoying to have such messy technical app. We cannot predict what may happen in future but we may be ready with some preparation.

Uber does all account sweep for security measures from time to time, if it finds any suspicion, it blocks account, put hold on booking a ride, asks for re-verification of ID or payment method. Recently Paytm was hacked and some hacker were able to make payment in paytm from some other account, hance Uber took security measure and put hold on some accounts.

The above image shows Merchants Authorized by you (Screenshot updated), where you can see Uber if you have already added paytm with uber.
How to Re-authorize or unlink paytm with Uber India AppLogin to paytm account on website or register paytmNavigate to Mercha…

Best Uber First ride free promo code valid worldwide provides latest, verified uber promo code for sign up with first free ride worldwide. You will get free ride worth as per your current city only such as $20, £ 15, 3 ride worth Rs 75 each for India etc. Uber mobile app detects device location automatically.

उबेर प्रोमो कोड | अधिकृत, सत्यापित छूट का कूपन | आपकी पहली ट्रिप मुफ़्त है (जानकारी हिंदी भाषा में )

How can you regain access of your Uber account once it's disabled?

Update: Banned account is a pain, I have many friends who got locked out form Uber due to suspicious activity, some got their account enabled again after some conversation with Uber support and mostly are banned for life. Here is one scenario when you account may get banned. Read this story till end to get the idea.

Q. How can you regain access of your Uber account once it's disabled?

Recently uber had this scheme of "refer someone, that refferal gets 600 credits and you get 600 when he makes his/her first ride".

I made many people join , though all refferals were real and accounts were created with their permission and presence but all accounts were created from my phone .

I earned many credits. But soon my account was closed down.
Now whenever I try logging in from any acount in my phone  it gets banned within few minutes.

Is there any solution or any hack to avoid this and get my acount back ? I still have 5k credits left in my account and I desperately want it.