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12 Most wanted Uber features Riders are waiting worldwide

12 Most wanted Uber features riders ware waiting worldwide
Book your ride and arrive in style
This is a compilation post from Quora and other sources for most wanted Uber features. I hope you like these features as well, I f I missed some of the features please comment to to let me know.

Real time fare during ride
Some times I use free ride to go somewhere and it have some limited credit in it,  show me the current fare in real time during a ride so I can end one trip within budget and start another if needed. Its sheer optimization of free ride you get after referral.

Don't ask for location service always (I know where I am, most of the time.)
Do not intentionally break the app when location services are turned  off. I keep location turned off by default, and usually know where I am.  I can find it on a map faster than turning on location and waiting for  it to initialize (and this may not even work well underground or in a  moving train, or worse, a moving train underground).

Let me choose destination on map
Let  me specify my destination (for the fare quote or for actual destination as well ) on the map instead of  requiring me to come up with a text address which hopefully corresponds  to the location I want to go to (and have no way of confirming this).

Driver arrival notification
They could make it more obvious to the customer that the driver has arrived so the driver doesn't sit and wait, finally call only to be told "OH are you HERE? I"ll be down in two minutes! Or, Well, I'm standing out side and I don't see you anywhere, where are you? They might actually educate the customers as to how to be responsible for the car they hire.

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Tell the color of car/cab
I know what kind of car it is and I know its license plate; but if you're driving a Prius, I will undoubtedly see at least three drive by, and will be frantically trying to catch the license plate of each one. It is far easier to do pattern matching with a color that covers a large surface area than with small numbers and letters low to the ground.

Advance Reservation
Drivers who accept must be online 15 minutes before or it gets routed to open drivers. X number of missed appointments means you lose eligibility.
My #1 product request is advance reservations, so I can count on the car and be assured that I will make it to where I need to go.

Bulk booking discounted subscriptions
I would like to see Uber adding bulk discounted subscriptions, say a set price for X rides with at most Y distance per ride per month ( with appropriate discounting / increases for carpooling and surge pricing etc. ). Their business folks can probably crunch the numbers to figure out what limits would make it profitable.

Keep my mobile number secret
Let the drivers make calls from their work / uber phone instead of the personal one, using Twilio so the passenger's personal number is not exposed.

Build an in-app messaging/voice call solution 
It often happened that I was abroad, using a different phone number (or roaming with not enough balance to receive a call) and the driver couldn't call me. Going through the process of verifying a new number or making another account is inconvenient (especially if  just arrived at the airport).

Repeat Rider/Driver Notification, "Welcome Back"
For drivers, have something change if the customer is a repeat rider, like the color of their name, add an asterisk, etc. Makes for a nicer welcome if you can say 'Welcome back'.

Airline like mileage program
I would like a mileage program like the airlines have. Perhaps that would make me sticky towards a particular service.

Auto Party Mode /Uber Night
An "Uber Night" button could be fun.  I hit the button once and for the rest of the night I don't touch the app or my credit card, Uber runs it all.
        Use case scenario: Uber picks us up, takes us to a bar that based on our drop off history and what's going on in that city they think we should like, then picks us up and takes us to dinner they think we should like, takes us out after dinner if we want, and the night can continue until we'd like to go home.  Maybe the driver presents us with some options along the way, like a choose your own adventure -- "see some music or get some drinks".  Could be fun in our home city, would be great on the road.

Your list of Features
Its your turn to write down the most wanted features. Write a comment here. We will see who got most impressive feature request.

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