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How to check validity of a Uber referral code

Free pizza for dinner? Check in Delhi NCR after 9PM

Free pizza for dinner? Check.
Free pizza for dinner? Check.
Just when you thought the Exam week couldn’t get any better, Uber is bringing you Free Pizzas at the tap of a button on the Uber app.

No, you’re not dreaming – your favorite dish in the world will be delivered within 15 minutes of request. And yes, it’ll be free.

Get ready to dig into pizzas from Instapizza on 8 December, 9pm onwards.

Enter Promo Code
to unlock your secret view


  1. Open the Uber app on Thursday, 8th December, between 9pm – 12am.
  2. Slide across to the Pizza view, set your pick-up location and request.
  3. Once the request is accepted, we’ll deliver your pizza to you in minutes.
  4. Demand will be high and availability would be low. Keep requesting.

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How can you regain access of your Uber account once it's disabled?

Update: Banned account is a pain, I have many friends who got locked out form Uber due to suspicious activity, some got their account enabled again after some conversation with Uber support and mostly are banned for life. Here is one scenario when you account may get banned. Read this story till end to get the idea.

Q. How can you regain access of your Uber account once it's disabled?

Recently uber had this scheme of "refer someone, that refferal gets 600 credits and you get 600 when he makes his/her first ride".

I made many people join , though all refferals were real and accounts were created with their permission and presence but all accounts were created from my phone .

I earned many credits. But soon my account was closed down.
Now whenever I try logging in from any acount in my phone  it gets banned within few minutes.

Is there any solution or any hack to avoid this and get my acount back ? I still have 5k credits left in my account and I desperately want it.